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Adam is a genius. 

After the passing of Robin Williams, the Westbro Baptist Church have said they will picket his funeral. Adam Hills shares his views on the subject.


The world has lost a tremendously funny and talented human. Today is a sad day. RIP Robin Williams.


The world has lost a tremendously funny and talented human. Today is a sad day. RIP Robin Williams.

The First Time Visiting a Hospice

A lovely follower reminded me that I’ve not done much Nurse related posts. 

Want to know about my day yesterday?

The Ambulance picks me and Little A up at 12:30  - I have already got everything photocopied and organised for the trip.  All the equipment is loaded onto the bed, we transfer her to the trolley, ensure she is comfortable. The BiPAP machine beeping and swooning as I disconnect it from the mains. Relatively high pressures of 18/8, full facial BiPAP with 15ltrs FIO2.

For the next hour and a half, A, sleeps.  Heart rate of 175. BP 70/40. Saturations 79-85%.

The numbers slightly irrelevant.  

We arrive, again making her comfy in her new bed.  An hour later the family arrives.  The hospice is beautiful.  They cater to 9 kids.  Huge grounds, plenty of staff. Lots of toys. 

I handed over in a very ICU nursey fashion, which was pretty unnecessary, but that is the way I’m programmed.  I hand over systematically. 

We then spoke to the family and told them what was going to happen.  I was going to remove A’s mask, and then A would decide their own path.

We swapped her tight mask for a simple face mask, put her on mum’s lap and I finished some paperwork (leaving them to have some private time). 

I came back in 30 minutes later surprised to see A still with us. 
I said my goodbyes to the family, the staff and A, and climbed back into the ambulance.

I arrived back onto PICU, assisted with the other patients, drug checks, mattress change, cares etc… 

Then at 2100, when I had been home for an hour our consultant called me to say that A, had passed away. Peacefully with her family around.

As horrible as things like this can be, that was one hell of a way to go.

Sun setting, family around, caring staff & not in a busy intensive care.

I just recently found your blog and absolutely love the ideology you have about doctors and nurses working in balance. I am a new nursing student myself and often see the disrespect so many nurses get from doctors (and people in general) in the hospital environment. Your words about this concept were really inspiring and I showed many of my nursing friends your writings on the subject and needless to say, they were ecstatic. Have a good day! — Asked by mother-of-dragonz

Well thank you very much :)  - You must have done quite a bit of scrolling, I haven’t done much nursey writing recently unfortunately! - I should restart!

I see disrespect go both ways, I wouldn’t say nurses get it more, because quite frankly, if you have the right personality you can tell that doctor or physio or fellow nurse, whoever, that they are being a disrespectful idiot. 

& in our game career you have to be able to do that because its useful in so many other ways.  Lots of people find it hard to speak up to senior doctors, for example during medical handover and assessment of your patient. But, if you don’t grab your courage and speak up, your patient might (not always) be effected.   & I’ll tell you this for a fact.  Our senior Sisters/Charge Nurses on PICU will know a hell of a lot more than a doctor below Consultant level.    

We have to work in harmony, we as nurses need scripts, medical input and adjustments and the doctors need us to actually make the changes.  There are some doctors that come on to a night shift  (where there is one doctor for PICU and one for HDU), and they may aswell not be there.  Whether that is because we have an excellent set of nurses on, or that the Doc doesn’t have a clue as to what he is supposed to be doing - regardless.  Sometimes we don’t need the doc. 

I am hugely biased obviously. As I am a Nurse.  

There are 2 Docs at work (that do a lot of nights) that I know if they’re on the night is going to be a dream.  Regardless of how many admissions we get, or how many crashes or if every line gets pulled out.  Dr H & Dr G (a coincidence) either save the day night peacefully or if the night is peaceful they go round to every patient, assess them and ask the nurse if there is anything they think they can do. 

Symbiotic relationship.  Ultimate goal is to improve the condition of that person/baby/kid/teen in that bed. 

Confused I iz.

Confused I iz.


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